Think pure and make functions great again

There has been something of a functional programming renaissance happening recently, in a variety of languages. I've been delving into F# and Elm, and regardless of whether or not I »

Code reviews suck

If you work in software development, you're probably doing code reviews. If not, you may be either in a loosey goosey sort of place that hasn't caught up to general »

Keep your constructors dumb

In a Pluralsight course by John Papa covering Angular 2, he made an offhand comment about how constructors should be kept as simple as possible, and though it was the »

Developer toolkit: Personal dry erase board

One thing that every software developer needs is a personal dry erase board. Having a smaller dry erase board that you can keep with you is a wonderful tool for »

More understandable C# APIs through flags

Making your APIs more understandable and easy to use is a constant consideration in programming. When I say API, I don't just mean APIs exposed via HTTP or whatever protocol. »

Learning a new programming language with Exercism

Recently I learned about Exercism, a neat website and a command line program that allows you to work on exercises in a variety of languages. Each comes with a description »