A developer walks into a BAR

Making major decisions in technology is hard. Breaking away from the status quo is likely to be met with friction at many points along the way, requiring buy-in from team »

Code reviews: The easy stuff

I take code reviews seriously. If I'm looking at someone else's changes, then I want to devote the appropriate amount of time and energy to provide thoughtful feedback. It can »

Good functions step down the stairs of abstraction

I've been reading Clean Code by Robert C. Martin lately, otherwise known as Uncle Bob, and it's really helped me think about how to better organize my code. I could »

Tech conference strategy

As I'm progressing further in my tech career I'm trying to make a point to continue developing my skills and knowledge as my free time to do so keeps diminishing. »

How did this get made, October 2014 edition

So I've had this blog for awhile but it laid dormant for a few months. Now I've decided to tweak the theme slightly and make it feel a little more »

Visual Studio Live: DC

This year I decided to try to attend my first software development conference, and it ended up being Visual Studio Live in Washington DC. The conference just concluded yesterday, and »